Dua Lipa outfitted in Patrizia Pepe head to toe, for the new single: Idgaf

The latest single launched from Dua Lipa’s extraordinarily successful début album sees the young performer completely outfitted in Patrizia Pepe.
Dua splits in two and meets and clashes with herself: her strong side opposing the more fragile part. One side needs love, while the other is independent and resolute.
In this clash of sentiments and intentions, Dua is accompanied by a gang of dancers who are also in Patrizia Pepe, head to toe. This dualism of strength and fragility is mirrored in a totally boyish look, inspired by menswear but with feminine details.

The oversize outfit consists of a two button jacket and mannish trousers with elastic at the waist paired with a short, cropped shirt worn by the singer in two colours; coral for her gentle, feminine side and an intense, light blue for the masculine side.
“The video portrays the conflict between the more aggressive and softer sides of her character, but ending with the mutual understanding that love for oneself is the only thing that helps you overcome difficulty” explains Dua.

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