Stay Muse: la nuova capsule collection di Patrizia Pepe

Patrizia Pepe is arriving in the streets of Milan to launch a new total look featuring extra-comfortable designs and sophisticated details with a contemporary, practical urban style.


The capsule collection photographed in the city that symbolizes Italian fashion communicates the carefree beauty of a young woman portrayed as a “modern muse” with a dynamic, positive spirit.


The star of the photo shoot is influencer Beatrice Valli, who moves from one location to another to attend fashion week shows with her fiancé Marco Fantini. The Instagram star, who has 2 million followers, is pursued by a paparazzo who captures her during breaks between one show and another, while passer-bys turn to observe her and admire her city-glam style and amused smiles.


The 6 outfits worn by Beatrice combine a sporty-chic attitude with street-style femininity through eccentric silhouettes with oversized designs, enhanced with contrasting Patrizia Pepe macro logos, check fabrics and PVC surfaces with a high-tech touch,

The maxi sweatshirt with a cut-out design, the down jacket with inner drawstrings for wearing on the shoulder, the transparent pencil skirt and the British-inspired suit are accessorized with stocking-effect lycra boots and with iconic high-performance Superfly sneakers.


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