Patrizia Pepe launches a new digital campaign linked to the symbolism of numbers and to their deep connection with the self-reflection, individuality and awareness that have always inspired the brand’s followers.

The #patriziapepe99 project follows an immersive and exciting journey to discover the many meanings of numbers, which will be told through a series of cinematic trailers laden with glamour and intense hues.

Each number will be associated with a specific color and ambassadress, in perfect harmony with the values and aesthetics of Patrizia Pepe. Each number will be introduced with a short film inspired by the vision of some of the most famous international directors.

Each number will correspond to the launch of a Limited Edition collection comprised of only 99 pieces, created each time with the starring talents and available exclusively on the website.

The first chapter of the #patriziapepe99 campaign will feature special guests Paolo Stella, as creative director, and Evangelie Smyrniotaki, aka @styleheroine, as leading actress of the video and images dedicated to the number 1.

The trailer curated by the Italian Director Paolo Stella, focused on red and inspired by the fast and irreverent rhythm of pulp style movies, will reveal the object of desire at the heart of the Red Limited Edition designed in collaboration with @styleheroine: a precious pair of Eighties-style earrings fashioned with maxi cabochon crystals in fiery red.

Coming soon … from May 22nd on Youtube and on all Patrizia Pepe’s social media outlets.

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