Patrizia Pepe un luogo per l’arte: LISTEN TO THE ECHO OF LIGHT

In the center of the Exhibition, Rivka Rinn presents an installation of two large-scale stripes of photo- collages.
The photo-collages are composed of images from different places and times, without order, they are memory flashes, where all the images are connected to the main subject that becomes the center of all the works of Rivka Rinn during her career: seeing in high velocity along highways, airports, train stations, tunnels or out of the windows of an airplane.

On the bases of the stripes are installed various toys connected to the artist experiencing journeys in her childhood, among others.
The installation includes a choice of large-scale photographs, showing a different point of view of moving in speed.

Like in the work “Invisible City” dedicated to Italo Calvino, a night shot – taken from an airplane – of a town created by lights, appearing as shrines within a space, or in the work “Angelo Rosso”: a body of a plane motor, which could be seen as a toy without a scale.
So the borderline between toys and high technology breaks down to become the same space of intuition related to the imaginary world of mankind of our time.

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